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City Harbour Chinese Buffet Restaurant Dundee

City Harbour Chinese Restaurant:   Unit 3 & 4, City Quay, Camperdown St, Dundee, DD1 3JA.             T: 01382 228891

City Harbour
Buffet Menu

Weekend only = Weekend Only
Evenings only = Evenings Only

We always have 2 soups each day

We have a selection of 13 starters and 17 Mains everyday

Our lunch menu is different to our Dinner menu


Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup
Weekend onlyHot & Sour Soup
Cream Of Chicken & Mushroom Soup
Cream Of Chicken & Leek Soup
Scotch Broth
Cream Of Chicken Soup
Minestrone Soup
Leek & Potato Soup
Cream Of Mushroom Soup


Prawn Crackers
Evenings onlyAromatic Crispy Duck
Evenings onlySesame Chicken On Toast
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
Evenings onlySesame Prawn Toast
Evenings onlySesame Chicken Toast
French Toast
Evenings onlySweet & Sour King Prawns
Evenings onlyDeep Fried Crab Claws
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyMussels in Chilli Garlic Sauce
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyMussels in Black Bean Sauce
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyDeep Fried Battered Mussels
Curried Samosas
Mixed Vegetable Pancake Rolls
Deep Fried Mushrooms
Deep Fried Onion Rings
Evenings onlyDeep Fried Won Tons
Spare Ribs in Cantonese Sauce
Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs
Mini Sausages
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyChar Sui Buns
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyDeep Fried Chinese Buns With Condensed Milk
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyMini Chinese Hot Dog Buns
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyStuffed Mushrooms In Blackbean Sauce
Weekend onlySausagemeat & Cheese Balls
Mixed Vegetable Tempura
Sweet Potato Fritters
Vegetable Croquettes
Salad Bar Available


Chicken Dishes

Chicken & Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce
Chicken Curry
Chicken & Pineapple
Chicken & Mushroom
Chicken In Oyster Sauce
Chicken Foo Yung
Evenings onlyLemon Chicken
Chicken In Sweet Peking Sauce
Chicken In Chilli & Garlic Sauce
Chicken With Mushroom In Black Bean Sauce
Chicken Chop Suey
Evenings onlyShanghai Chicken
Chicken With Straw Mushroom & Chinese Mushroom
Chicken With Cumin Seeds
Kung Po Chicken
Szechuan Chicken
Chicken & Prawn Foo Yung
Evenings onlySkewered Satay Chicken
Evenings onlySweet & Sour Chicken (Cantonese Style)

Beef Dishes

Beef With Ginger & Spring Onions
Mongolian Beef
Beef Curry
Beef In Oyster Sauce
Beef Chop Suey
Beef With Straw Mushroom & Baby Corn
Beef In Cantonese Sauce
Beef & Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce
Evenings onlyDeep Fried Shredded Beef
Beef & Mushroom In Black Bean Sauce
Beef With Pickled Ginger & Pineapples
Szechuan Beef
Beef In Satay Sauce

Pork Dishes

Char Sui
Satay Pork
Char Sui & Ham Foo Yung
Char Sui With Mushrooms
Char Sui With Mixed Vegetables
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyDeep Fried Pork Chops In Japanese Breadcrumbs
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyChinese Roast Belly Pork
Evenings onlyStir Fried Shredded Pork In Sweet BBQ Sauce
Char Sui In Hoi Sin Sauce

Duck Dishes

Evenings onlyRoast Duck
Evenings onlyRoast Duck With Pineapple
Evenings onlyRoast Duck With Mushrooms
Evenings onlyRoast Duck In Plum Sauce

Seafood Dishes

Evenings onlyKing Prawns In Chilli & Garlic Sauce
Weekend onlyEvenings onlySalt & Pepper King Prawns
Evenings onlyKing Prawns With Cashew Nuts
Evenings onlyKing Prawns In Sweet Tomato Sauce
Evenings onlyKing Prawns With Mushroom In Black Bean Sauce
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyRoast King Prawns (Peking Style)
King Prawns With Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyKing Prawns With Red Chilli
Weekend onlyEvenings onlySteamed Fish With Ginger & Spring Onion

Rice & Noodles

Evenings onlyYeung Chow Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken & Ham Fried Rice
Ham Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Boiled Rice
Chicken Chow Mein
Char Sui Chow Mein
Ham Chow Mein
Plain Chow Mein


Potato Fritters
Potato Croquettes
Salt & Pepper Potatoes
Hash Browns
Sweet & Sour Mixed Vegetables
Fried Mixed Vegetables
Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce


Roast Beef
Evenings onlySirloin Steak
Evenings onlySirloin Steak In Black Pepper Corn Sauce
Weekend onlyEvenings onlySpanish Pork Chops
Roast Chicken
Weekend onlyEvenings onlySalt & Pepper Pork Chops
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyPork Chops In Black Pepper Corn Sauce
Evenings onlyPork Chops In Japanese Breadcrumbs
Evenings onlyPork Chops With Onions
Deep Fried Fish in Batter
Evenings onlyDeep Fried Fish in Breadcrumbs
Evenings onlyChicken Maryland


Evenings onlyFresh Fruit Salad
A Selection of Ice Creams
A Variety of Jellies
Evenings onlyStrawberry Pudding
Evenings onlyMango Pudding
Raspberry Jelly Whip
Mini Chocolate & Sugared Donuts
Evenings onlySago with Fresh Fruit & Coconut Milk
Toffee Apple
Toffee Banana
Toffee Pineapple
Homemade Rice Crispy Squares
Evenings onlyMacau Pudding
Evenings onlyKey Lime Pie
Weekend onlyEvenings onlyVaried Selection of Gateaux

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